The Importance of Visualizing and Focusing the Goals to Achieve

Within the field of personal and professional development, there are more and more disciplines that highlight the importance of previewing the goals to achieve them.

Also in Coaching, this is one of the key aspects throughout the process, in order to ensure greater success in achieving the objective.

Otherwise, how could it be possible to move from the current situation in which the client is, to which he would really like to be if he were not able to visualize and imagine in a more or less clear way what he wants?

The Importance Of Visualizing

In fact, one of the first steps taken in any Coaching process is to try to make the Coachee (client) achieve its objective in the most specific way possible. Why?

Well, simply because if you don’t know where you’re going, any road leads you there, that is to say nowhere.

How could I know otherwise what direction to take at any given time if I don’t know exactly where I want to go? If you have not pre-visualized and pre-felt your goal … how could you know if it really is something that inspires you and motivates you to launch it …? Or if you can’t imagine it, how could you know what decision is closest to you or away from it? How could I know if it is progressing or not?

Even so, there is a large number of clients who attend a first Coaching session without being clear enough about the objective they wish to achieve.

In fact, these clients find it much easier to formulate what they DO NOT want than to express what they DO want. The reason for this is simple. It turns out that they have been thinking and feeling everything they don’t want for so long, that it really is the only thing they see and know well.

The Importance Of Focusing

And this is because their focus is only on the negative, and everything else, all those things that could make them happy, they just don’t see them, because their minds and their hearts are focused on everything negative they have or They fear in their life.

Facts on How to Visualizing and Focusing the Goals

Neuroscience explains this fact on the basis that we have a Reticular Activation System of the cerebellum that acts as a filter that allows us to select and capture what interests us most at a given time.

An example of this is something that will surely have happened to you on more than one occasion. It turns out that one day you buy certain clothes and, from that moment on, you see those clothes everywhere you go.


Or you are thinking of buying a car model and the same thing happens to you, suddenly, you see it everywhere. Or the case of pregnant women, who are constantly seeing other pregnant women wherever they go.

Or professionals from different fields who look at aspects that nobody else does (painters in colors, dressmakers in design or clothing, shoemakers in footwear, etc.). And so I could cite countless examples that you will surely have experienced on occasion.

However, you should know that those clothes, those cars, those pregnant women, those shoes, those colors, etc. They have always been there. You perceive them now because your brain activating reticular system is designed to filter 99.9% of what happens in the world. For this reason, when something, for whatever reason, is important to you, that is, when you get emotionally involved in it, your brain begins to perceive any detail that relates to it.

This means that once you have defined an objective, your brain begins to perceive anything that brings you closer to that objective. Make your brain faster by focusing on things or by using the industry’s best product Genbrain. You can get the complete Genbrain reviews from here and know about them before using them.


Thus, as a computer does, but much more powerful, the brain has a function of searching for the information that interests us. It is as if it were programmed to detect what we focus on or what we identify with.

Therefore, the technique of visualizing the result of what we want is the first step to be able to achieve it successfully. If you can imagine the achievement of a goal or goal that you have set, you will be preparing your reticular activation system to focus on the elements that will allow you to achieve that result.

And that “visualization” does not have to be sole with images. You can also represent it “hearing”, “listening”, or perhaps “feeling” that goal you want, as you would experience it if it were to be accomplished. The really important thing is that if you want to see, hear, or feel something, your filtration system in the brain will allow you to see, hear, or feel some things and ignore others. If you focus on something you really want, your brain (your Reticular Activation System) will end up showing you.

Of course, if your filtration system is very conditioned by your beliefs, and these are very limiting, they probably act as a brake that inhibits your reticular activation system, preventing you from perceiving all those elements that coexist before you and that would be the ones that would take you to achieve your goals. Therefore, if your mind is closed, you will not be able to see, hear, or feel, many of the things that happen in front of you. However, if your mind is open, you can perceive anything you deeply desire.

And in this sense, Coaching helps the client to clean those “filters”, to transform those limiting beliefs that are preventing him from imagining, visualizing and focusing on really inspiring goals for him. That is why it is so important from the beginning of the process, to help him imagine his ideal life (his dreams, his goals) since if he is not able to imagine it regularly, his unconscious mind would not understand what is a priority for him; and in that case, your Reticular Activation System could not encode, in your brain, all the information that was truly “important” to achieve your goals.

I leave you some famous ideas and phrases that can inspire you to practice the visualization and focus of your goals :

  • Pay attention to what you feel.
  • Focus on passion for what you want.
  • The mind filters everything it sees.
  • When you visualize to materialize.
  • If you live installed in fear and worry that is what you will continue to live.
  • It all starts with the thoughts.
  • If you focus on solutions you will find them.
  • We all become what we think.
  • When a person has defined his vision, he already has 50% of the road traveled.
  • Faith moves mountains.
  • Whether you believe that something is possible, or if you believe that it is not possible, you will be right,
  • therefore, choose to believe what you should believe.
  • When you change the way you see things, the things you see change shape.
  • Keep your mind on your goal constantly.
  • Luck is what happens when preparation finds the opportunity.
  • When the obstacles arrive, you change the direction to reach your goal, but not the decision that you will
  • get there.
  • The most serious fears and limitations are those that one imposes on oneself.
  • If you can dream it you can do it.
  • It is surprising what happens when you have a clear internal representation of what you want: the mind
  • and the body is programmed in the direction of that goal.
  • What you keep in your heart with energy and focus tends to manifest.
  • Your goal is to live and enjoy a happy and successful life.

In short, these are two things:

  1. Apply your imagination to any goal you wish to achieve (health, improve your relationships, prosperity, energy, etc.), and connect emotionally with what you want to achieve.
  2. Visualize it daily to focus on the result and not let out all those elements (opportunities) that coexist outside your limited mental map of reality. Thus, if you can see them, perceive them, tune them, catch them, you can also use them and transform them into those steps necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.

So you know, clearly visualize what goals you have and what objectives will allow you to achieve them, write them clearly on paper and define the deadlines. And then, read, think and feel your goals every day. Take action and you will see how, step by step, they materialize.

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