7 Best Tricks to Remember Everything – Part 2

We continue explaining more tricks to remember things, following the advice explained in the previous post. As we already mentioned in the previous article about the Genbrain review. It is the quickest way to improve your memory using Genbrain. Buy Genbrain from Official Store and start using it now and improve your memory faster.

Best Tricks to Remember Everything 2
How can I improve my memory tricks?

The Weekly Calendar

On many occasions, we have more or less recurring tasks that we usually forget because we are doing other things at the moment or, we will accept it at once. Our memory is limited and we simply do not remember.

For example, you forget to prepare your clothes the next day or take something out of the freezer for dinner when you arrive home late, or on the weekend you forget to open the windows so that at least once a week it is ventilated.

Simple Way to Remember Things

The solution is to have a weekly calendar hung on the refrigerator in which to write down all these matters on the day or frequency that corresponds so that when you enter the kitchen at any time you can check what you should do that day before going to the bed.

How many times do you backup your hard drive? Unconsciously forget to take your gym bag to go after work? With this trick, you ran out of excuses. In the calendar, you can write down so much the issues that you should not forget certain days of the week, every day, every week or even every month.

Make Good Use of Your Calendar or Alarms

Normally our calendar, be it Outlook or Google, we use it for our appointments. Well, it is possible to use it to remember things in specific situations or moments. Most of the calendar allows synchronizing with the mobile, and the mobile is always on top so that any matter that we should remember at some time or situation can be solved with our calendar.

Make Good Use of Your Calendar or Alarms

For example, if I want to remember to make a call at lunchtime, I can get a notice at 1:30 p.m. So that the mobile calendar will let me know while I am on the subject. If I want to remember on Sunday that I have to tidy up the storage room and I am in the office, I will make an appointment for Sunday so that even if it is not in front of the computer, my mobile will let me know. The same if I want to buy something in the supermarket, for example, I can easily calculate when I will be home and schedule notice for that time. When I see the notice, I will write down the product on the shopping list and I can not worry about it.

An alternative to the calendar alarms. Any smartphone allows you to program several alarms that sound on specific days and times.

Use a Password Manager

Finally one last trick. You probably work in an office with a computer like me, it is very possible that you have different passwords for different services.

Use a Password Manager

At work, it is certain that you will have several sites to enter, each potentially with a password. The laptop, the company’s Intranet, the incident system, the payroll system, the CRM, the ERP, etc. In the best case in your company, they will use a Single Sign-On system and you will have the same password for all systems, but if you collaborate with customers and suppliers it is very possible that you have different passwords for their different extranets.

Additionally, we will have the services on the Internet that we use in our personal and professional life. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Windows Live, Amazon, Groupon, Dropbox, eBay, Paypal, Skype, Feedly, Pocket, Delicious or the bank’s website. It is true that many are choosing to authenticate users with OAuth through Facebook and Twitter mainly, but surely you will easily find a dozen services that have their own password.

A password manager will help you not only not to miss any, but also increase your efficiency by typing the passwords for you with a keyboard combination. For example, I use KeePass PasswordSafe and it even has a mobile application to access passwords from my Android.


We are all human and it is impossible to remember absolutely everything we would want about the world around us and that increasingly demands us more. Therefore, we must ensure that we have as many mechanisms as possible and as automated as possible so that we become as close as possible to being infallible.

In this way, we will not only gain in being able to do more things and in a more effective way, but we will also gain by not worrying about those small issues that rob us of time and energy without realizing and increasing our stress. We can easily delegate that responsibility with these little tricks and without major complications and sophistication. Why don’t you try any and tell me how it works for you?

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