Optimize Concentration – All The Information For A Better Approach

Optimize Concentration: Concentration is the most important thing to be successful at work or in sport. With your head and your mindset, everything stays and falls. That is why it is so important to know what you can do for a better focus and memory. We will tell you all the tricks and tricks on the subject. Make the beginning!

Optimize Concentration
Life hacks: 5 ways to improve concentration

1. Mental Performance – The Key to Success

What could you do if you were always 100% concentrated? If you could retrieve information in seconds and at will, do you remember the facts and figures better and did you show off with a strong memory? Concentration, an acute focus, and a good memory are the keys to success. But, unfortunately, not everyone can concentrate equally well and the ability to remember also varies from person to person.


You certainly know from your own experience that directing all your attention to a goal, not letting yourself be distracted and thus solving a task, feels extremely good and yet it is so difficult. It is not just biohackers like you who have set the goal of expanding their own ability to concentrate and help them find their way in the world. FlowThat is, to enter the absolute creative stuff, also for students, office athletes and heroes of daily life, mental performance is decisive for the achievement of their goals. Check this Genbrain Review to get more information on mental performance. Do check that guide and start using them.

2. Store Information – How Does Your Brain Work?

To understand how concentration and information storage are really possible, it is important to take a look at the brain. What happens in the brain while we think? Or to put it in a simpler way: How does our group of experts work?

Our brain uses 3 memory models:

  • Short-term memory
  • Long term memory
  • Ultra-short time memory

Ultra-short time memory (UKZ) is also called sensory memory because the information that comes through the senses is stored here only for a very short period of 0.5 to 2 seconds and checked and filtered during this time to determine its importance. Although the UKZ can store a huge amount of data, such as the millions of data that are necessary for orientation in a place at present, after such short storage of information in the UKZ (fortunately) all the useless is lost again. Only a very small fraction, but somehow “significant”, create the jump to the next memory: short-term memory.

Store Information

Short-term memory is a particularly important part of our general memory complex. The stored information is only absorbed and processed in short-term memory for a short period of time, before it is deleted or successfully inserted into long-term memory. However, the common opinion that events remembered for a few hours or days are only stored in short-term memory and not in long-term memory is incorrect. In the opinion of most scientists, the duration of short-term memory is only between 20 seconds and about 20 minutes, but not more than an hour!

3. Influence Factors That Control Your Concentration

There are many influencing factors that can shorten the attention span or destroy it completely. These include your mood, your physical condition, your surroundings, your quality of sleep and, ultimately, your diet. They can help your brain work and give you the important messengers and the energy you need to function properly. The health of your brain is the prerequisite for you to concentrate on your work. Brain cells are formed by a layer of membranes called myelin that is responsible for the transmission of stimuli.

In addition, stress plays a crucial role when it comes to your own ability to concentrate. It is important to know that stress should not be avoided per sec. Short-term stress, as before an exam, has no detrimental effect on you, on the contrary. The eustress call activates you for a short period of time and even has a positive effect on you. Stress only becomes dangerous when it lasts longer. Then, the stress hormone Cortisol is constantly released and can cause cellular damage in the brain and, therefore, concentration difficulties. This type of stress is also known as a stress disorder.

In addition, you probably Postponement It can be a concept. Procrastination means that homework is always postponed until it is too late. However, it is not as fun as it seems. Meanwhile, it has been recognized that postponement is a serious deficiency, often accompanied by extreme performance difficulties and fear of failure. Constant procrastination can become a problem in school, college or work because it is closely related to a decrease in performance. If there is great pressure for performance, many students or employees resort to what is known as “performance problems.” “Pills to learn”back. The legal variants work with a combination of micronutrients and can help without unwanted side effects to enter the deep work phase where you are most productive.

Recommended Guides to Improve Brian Power

4. BrainFood – Brain Food

An important problem is the right diet for the brain, including Brainfood, which is called. Did you know that the brain is only 2% of its body mass, but uses 20% of its energy? The brain is, therefore, a true devourer of energy, which means to you: To be more focused and to recover all the power of your brain, you have to give it what it needs: energy. The brain obtains this energy either from glucose, that is, from split carbohydrates or sugar, or from ketone bodies, from which the body takes MCT fatty acids.make. The understanding that the brain can extract its energy from ketones is still relatively young and, therefore, is not yet known to many. Genbrain has a great advantage that it does not influence the level of insulin and can be metabolized very quickly. For your brain, this means faster and more stable energy without low performance.

Ways to Optimize Your Brain

In addition, there are certain micronutrients and vitamins that are essential for the work of your brain. These include omega-3 fatty acids and, in particular, DHA and EPA, because the brain itself is 30% DHA. Here it functions as a membrane building block of nerve cells, which makes a regular supply of DHA essential. DHA and EPA must be ingested through food, that is, the body cannot produce them on its own. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are so important, are present in high concentrations, for example in Krill Oil should be included.

5. Nootropics – support of the Plant World

Nootropic is a collective term for plant substances and dietary supplements that have a positive effect on concentration and mental performance. With Nootropics is not to compensate for deficiencies, but to optimize mental performance naturally. Therefore, nootropics are not medications and are not only available in pharmacies. They are usually based on herbal ingredients and mechanisms of action and, therefore, can be purchased without a prescription. The question of which nootropics are the most appropriate for who can only be answered individually. Each one must decide for himself in what area it is necessary to optimize.

However, when it comes specifically to improving concentration and mental performance, some micronutrients have proven very beneficial according to various studies. Therefore, in relation to the intake of supplements, which are particularly beneficial for brain performance, there is also talk of “Deshirndoping”. These supplements contain, among others, the following ingredients:

  • Colina a citicoline
  • Brahmi
  • Ginkgo
  • Ginseng
  • Green tea
  • Guarana

You’ve heard of many ingredients before, but you wonder what Citicolin is. Choline plays an important role in the transmission of information within the brain. In fact, it is the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is produced from choline by conversion processes and is responsible for its transmission. Without acetylcholine, communication between the different regions of the brain is disturbed, because: If this messenger is missing to transport information where it is needed, you are, so to speak, on the line.


Success begins in the mind. Only when you are mentally clear and full can you get the most out of yourself and deliver it correctly. No one can concentrate 100% on the day without a break, but with a few tricks, you can help your body to fully concentrate. Nutrition or Brainfood is only a possible starting point. You can also do something for your performance by introducing routines. Try it and dare to jump!

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