10 Tricks to Improve Your Brain Health

Tricks To Improve Your Brain Health

Our brain is a living organ and in which absolutely essential phenomena occur for our daily life. If we make a metaphor with the computer world, we could say that the human brain is the CPU that governs and controls all the processes of the computer equipment, that is, of our body, our mental processes, … Read more

The Importance of Visualizing and Focusing the Goals to Achieve

The Importance Of Visualizing

Within the field of personal and professional development, there are more and more disciplines that highlight the importance of previewing the goals to achieve them. Also in Coaching, this is one of the key aspects throughout the process, in order to ensure greater success in achieving the objective. Otherwise, how could it be possible to … Read more

Optimize Concentration – All The Information For A Better Approach

Optimize Concentration

Optimize Concentration: Concentration is the most important thing to be successful at work or in sport. With your head and your mindset, everything stays and falls. That is why it is so important to know what you can do for a better focus and memory. We will tell you all the tricks and tricks on … Read more

Symptoms of Brain Fog & How to Recognize Them?

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Symptoms of Brain Fog: The brain fog is described as a state of mental confusion or lack of clarity in thoughts. It is exactly as if there is a fog that prevents you from thinking clearly. For those who suffer it is something that can be very frustrating. Imagine being unable to hold on to … Read more

7 Best Tricks to Remember Everything – Part 2

Best Tricks to Remember Everything 2

We continue explaining more tricks to remember things, following the advice explained in the previous post. As we already mentioned in the previous article about the Genbrain review. It is the quickest way to improve your memory using Genbrain. Buy Genbrain from Official Store and start using it now and improve your memory faster. The … Read more

7 Best Tricks to Remember Everything – Part 1

Best Tricks to Remember Everything

One of the main reasons why I have always been interested in the subject of personal organization and productivity is my lack of memory. David Allen, author of the book “Getting Things Done” and creator of the GTD methodology always says that the mind is not designed to store commitments but to have ideas. In … Read more